Vima LLC’s original group was founded in 1984 by three architects with the intention of integrating the design and construction of custom residential and commercial buildings from conception to completion.

After winning a major competition and several award nominations, Vima has managed to develop a reputation for its unique creativity and for completing almost all of its projects on time and under budget by constantly monitoring and training its site crew and subcontractors. The high level of service that in most cases continues after completion and during occupation has ensured the steady growth of our company and the use of our services by second generation clients.

The design team today includes licensed site and structural engineers, architects and interior designers who stay involved throughout the duration of projects to ensure maintaining the high quality of our construction.

We are currently focused on development of high end homes for sale, design and construction of custom homes for owners, addition/renovation or to use our term the transformation of existing homes and the design/build or transformation of light commercial buildings.

Services Offered

Project Consultation

Initial meeting and consultation with prospective client enables us to offer advice on the site suitability and prepare a proposal for the following stage(s) as required.


After studying the local zoning and other codes and restrictions, sketches and other presentation techniques are prepared to demonstrate our development ideas.


Preparation of architectural and engineering drawings to obtain the building permit and other construction documentation if required.


Budgeting, scheduling, obtaining competitive bids, project and construction management, supervision, arranging inspections, handling request for payments, managing design changes during construction, final walk through, punch list completion and obtaining the occupancy permit.


Through regular post construction follow-ups any possible problems can be rectified in a timely manner and sometimes additional features are added inside or outside of our projects.